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Forum/Site Rules

1.) No Inappropriate words or profanity.
2.) Do not spam the forums (Posting things that have nothing to do with the original post or double-posting)
3.) Respect all players, no discrimination allowed
4.) No asking for Moderator or Administrator
5.) Do not post pictures of yourself or inappropriate things (this includes on your profile picture)
6.) Signature size can be no more than 500 pixels by 300 pixels
7.) Do not flame or troll other forum members (Intentionally trying to get someone angry)
8.) You can only post your threads in English
9.) Do not argue with other members, you can disagree but do it without insulting
10.) No outside or third-party links of other Servers

You and you alone are responsible for your forum account. You can not use the excuse of my sister or brother was using it.
If you share your account info and they break the rules, it will be treated as if you broke the rules.