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Protect your building simple tutorial: (Creative server only!) (Ask a Hero to do this for you!)
  1. Empty a slot by pressing Q
  2. Type //wand to get a wand (wooden axe)
  3. Select the wand, left click one block and it should say position1 set
  4. Right click another block and it should say position2 set
  5. Type /region define (regionname) (yourusername)
  6. All done! All blocks in between those blocks will be protected.

Example: /region define castle Jaggy
Shortcut: /define castle
Add a user to your region: /region addmember (regionname) (username)
You can use “//expand #ofblocks in the direction you want” to expand the area up by #ofblocks)
You can add more users to have access by typing
/region define name (yourusername) (theirusername) (anotherusername)