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JaggyCON 2015

It's that time of year again!!! The time for everyone to come together onto the Creative Server, or even the Survival Server!!! Hosted by yours truly 1DeathEater!!! This time it's more organized, and more planned out..

I will begin building themes for the following Stadiums:

The following schedule is a rough draft, and can possibly be changed at anytime:

-October 25th – 31st
--Jaggy Survival Server Presents: Halloween 2015
---/fly Fly for the week of Halloween like a ghost in the sky!! [abusing /fly to kill people will have it taken away from the abuser]
---/hat Dress up as a block, or creature in Minecraft!!

-November 1st
Opening Ceremony

-November 1st – 6th
Racing Events at NewDeathStadium
FINALS Nov 7th

-November 8th – 13th
Football Events at NewDeathStadium
FINALS Nov 14th

-November 15th – 21st
Wrestling Events at DeathStadium

-November 22nd, 23rd
Spleef Events at NewJaggyStadium
FINALS Nov 24th

-November 26th
Thanksgiving Holiday

-November 25th, 27th
PvP Arena Events at NewJaggyStadium
FINALS Nov 28th

-November 29th
Fun Day!!!

-November 30th
Closing Ceremony