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JaggyCON 2014

Introducing the first annual JaggyCON!!!!! Learn the history of the server, participate in epic events such as racing, spleef, and soo much more!!! This event will last from November 16th - 29th!!!! Everything hosted by 1DeathEater and SDTV33!!!!!!

*Note* this is an ALL MONTH Convention specifically for the Jaggy Creative Server.. These are the following events scheduled for the 2 weeks..

Sunday November 16th:
*Opening Ceremony
*Crafting Contest Sign-up
*Spleef Fun
*Daytona 250 (horse race) (speedway)

Monday November 17th:
*Spleef Fun
*BoJangles 500 (boat race)
*Spleef Contest Sign-up
*Crafting Games

Tuesday November 18th:
*Daytona Road race (horse race) (road course)
*Spleef Fun
*Spleef Contest Sign-up [DAY 2]
*Hunger Games

Wednesday November 19th:
*JaggyCONcert by DJDEATH
*Spleef Contest
*Crafting Games
*Hockey Sign-up
*Football Sign-up

Thursday November 20th:
*Hunger Games
*JaggyCON Boat Race (boat race) (Daytona road course)
*Spleef Contest Semi-Final
*Spleef Silver/Bronse

Friday November 21st:
*Spleef Contest FINAL
*Crafting Contest
*Spleef Fun

Saturday November 22nd:
*Spleef Fun
*Crafting Contest Semi-Final
*Crafting Contest FINAL

Sunday November 23rd:
*Daytona Marathon
*Build Contest Sign-Up
*Spleef Contest 2 Sign-Up

Monday November 24th:
*Football Tournament 1
*Spleef Contest 2
*Spleef Contest 2 Semi-Final

Tuesday November 25th:
*Spleef Contest 2 FINAL
*Build Contest
*Hockey Tournament 1

Wednesday November 26th:
*Build Contest Semi-Final
*Build Contest FINAL
Thursday November 27th:

Friday November 28th:
*Football Tournament 2
*Hockey Tournament 2
*Football Tournament Play-offs
*Hockey Tournament Play-offs

Saturday: November 29th:
*Football Tournament FINAL
*Hockey Tournament FINAL
*Closing Ceremony