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I came on 2am GMT time to find i had been killed, not by pvp-logging...., not by a creeper i was just dead. I found it relieving jag gave me my set of diamond armour back due to the issue, however i do not think it was adequate to the items i lost.

I managed to lose:
- Diamond armour (no enchants) full set. Which jag kindly replaced
- Sharpness 5 Diamond Axe
- Power5, Punch2, Flame1, Infinity1, Unbreaking3 Bow
- Sharpness5, FireAspect2, Looting3, Knockback2, Unbreaking3 DiamondSword

I realise i am probably not going to get this back but for the record i would like people to be aware of this glitch and i hope jag can fix it soon.

However if i do get my stuff back i will be very happy as i work hard for my items and i dont like glitches getting in the way of my uprising :D