Survival Map Creative Map

Helpful Commands

/help 1 Both (2, 3, 4, etc)
/register (password) (passwordagain) Both Register your account
/login password Both Login to the server
/relog Both Exit the server automatically
/cp (oldpassword) (newpassword) Both Change your password
/cmode Creative Creative mode
/smode Creative Survival mode
/tpa player Both Request teleport to user
/r Both Quickly reply to last message
/back Both Teleport to prior location
/sethome Both Sets /home teleport location
/home Both Teleport home
/mail Both Check mail
/t (player) (message) Both Send private message
/invite (player) Both Invite a player to a private chat session
/pmleave Both Leave a private chat session
! Both Send a global chat message (if we enable ranged chat)
/warps Both Shows warp list
/warp (location) Both Teleport to (location)
/tppos (x y z) Creative Teleport to position/coordinates
/spawn Both Teleport to spawn point
//wand Both Get wand tool for protecting areas
/region define (regionname) (player) Creative Define region to protect
/region remove (regionname) Creative Delete a region
/region addmember (regionname) (player) Creative Grant another player access to your region
/region flag (regionname) use deny Creative Denies use of doors, buttons, plates, levers, etc in region
&a or &1

&a-f or &0-9
Both Letter or number to change color of your text

Color codes
/j Both Send a message to Jaggy
/console Both Send a message to the console
/worth Survival See sell value of item in hand or specify item name (/evalue for enchant)
/sell hand Survival Sell the item in your hand
/baltop Survival See users with the highest
/ma j Survival Start a fight in the Mob Arena
/ma spec Survival Become a spectator in the Mob
/mv who Both List players and their current world
/bounty Survival Put a bounty on an enemy player
/mctop Survival Top MCMMO player skill levels
/mctop mining Survival Shows top players at Mining skill
/mcskills Survival Shows all your skill's current level McMMO Wiki
/mining Survival Shows your current skill level information
/mcstats Survival Shows your current skill levels
/bottle (#) Survival Places the specified (#) of XP into glass bottles for storage/trade
/portables workbench (or enchant) Survival Brings up a portable workbench$2 or enchanttable$5 (Charges per use)
/backpack Survival Brings up your additional inventory /backpack upgrade to upgrade ($50,000-100,000)
/wallow /wremove /wlist Creative Allow a player to break blocks you placed
/co i Both Enables log checking who placed/broke a block, run again to disable
/cpassword Both Lock a chest with a password (all locks wiped if enemy faction claims your territory)
Duplicate book or map Both Use craftingbench with book or map in center surrounded by paper to duplicate
/sworld Survival Warp to Survival board
/end Survival Warp to end world. Guard+ can /regenend
/smining Survival Warp to mining world.
/ph spawn (Name) Creative Spawn a head of another player
/autosort on Survival Enables autosorting of chests, enderchests, inventory, and dispensers
/randomtp Survival Teleport to random location (clear inv first, may tp you inside block and die)
/rmining Survival Teleport to a random location in mining world
/hug player Both Hug a player
/poke player Both Poke a player
/x player message Both Send a private message to a player cross server (Survival to Creative or Creative to Survival)
/clist Survival See who is on the Creative server from Survival server
/slist Creative See who is on the Survival server from Creative server
/nhere Survival Shortcut for /npc tphere (npc donators only)
/warp marena Survival Warp to Mob Spawner Arena
/stables Survival Horse management
/f Survival Faction management - Commands
/fchat Survival Switch between chat modes to talk to your faction members
/bs itemname Survival Search shop for an item to buy
/topitems Survival Items sorted by current stock (/topenchants for enchants)
/hb Survival Buy more of item you're currently holding
/ebuy /esell Survival Buy/sell enchantments
/mcjobs Survival Get a job u lazy bum!