Survival Map Creative Map


Do not ask for promotions. (You will be demoted)
Guard/Hero promotions MUST be group decided by other Guard/Hero
Admin promotions MUST be group decided by other Admin
I need *everyone’s* help keeping the server easy to learn, stable, and fair. If we all help, the server will be way more fun for n00bs J

Guards & Admins duties:
1. Monitor new users and jail first if caught griefing, mute if spamming chat
2. Fix griefing if easy
3. Make the area look better (Example: fill in holes in the grass and buildings)
4. Learn important commands
5. Help AND Teach other players how to do things
6. Monitor gold & diamond breaks in Survival in case of x-ray cheating
7. SAdmins may not use creative or worldedit in the Survival Server unless it is region protected AND NOT IN FACTION CLAIMS
8. Do not use your powers to cheat. SAdmins should not be on leaderboards or baltop. Keep the Survival Server fair
9. Jail cheaters if caught using X-Ray (finding ores too fast) (watch them mine first!)
10. Report ways to make money too fast/exploits in survival
11. Guards+ should promote players to Miner if they’re not griefers (removes water bucket notifications, can break grass, etc)
12. Admins may promote players to Guard if trusted, Hero (Creative Server only) if they prove they know how to use WorldEdit SAFELY
13. When promoting to Guard+ always refer them to this page!
14. E-mail Jaggy if there is an emergency
If you never help out, you could be Demoted.

Guard commands:
/ncp info player See possible cheating/mod info. Some may just be caused by lag though
/note add or /note show Add or show notes about a player
/irc mute Survival #gamechat ircname (or /irc unmute) Mute (or unmute) an abusive user on IRC
/whois player See info about a user (real name, IP, etc) - Creative Only
/nick nickname Give yourself a nickname
/list List of players with nicknames and realnames
/v  (/v check to check if vanished) Go invisible to watch new players for griefing - Creative Only
/togglejail player Jail# time Throw a player in jail – Example:
/togglejail Player sjail 15m
/ezjail player Auto jails player to Jail5 for 1 hour
/togglejail player Release from jail
/mb (message) Broadcasts your message to all Guard+
/d Set daytime - Creative Only
/sun Stop rain - Creative Only
/co i Use wood/tree block to get info on recent edits
/lag clear Clear all entities in the world. You can also specify entity (/lag clear spider) - Creative Only
/pminer (player) Promote player to Miner (if you’re sure they’re not a griefer)
/dminer (player) (reason) Demote player from Miner and include why
/seen (player) Shows when player was last seen in-game

Admin commands:
/mf Custom rank
/mp Custom text prefix (color and/or text)
/ip alias player Check for other playernames that logged on with that IP address
/ip lookup player Lookup all IPs the player has used
/xp show player Show another player's XP level
/gc Server statistics
/maxplayers # Set the maximum amount of players server will allow
/spawnmob wolf:tame Spawn tamed wolf
/spawnmob chicken;sheep Spawns a sheep riding a chicken
/spawner mobname Change mob spawner mob type
/nick player nickname Set a nickname of a player
/dmarker Controls markers on the map
/ban player reason Bans a playername
/ipban player reason Bans IP of player
/tempban player # sec/min/hour/day reason Temp bans the player with time (/tempban nublet 30 min reason)
/tempipban player # sec/min/hour/day reason Temp IP bans the player with time (/tempipban nublet 30 min reason)
/unban player (or ip) Unbans a player and all IP addresses they’ve used
/checkban player Checks if a player is banned
/history # Lists past # of bans
/checkip player Checks IP of player
/warn player reason Give a warning to a player
/pg player Promote player to Guard (/dg player reason - to demote)
/phero player Promote player to Hero (/dhero player reason - to demote)
/a (message) Admin only chat channel
/atoggle Lock admin only chat channel mode
/am ignore Enable/Disable the chat [Notice] messages

Admins please join AdminChat channel by typing /join #AdminChat and typing in the channel password
(use /nick to change name and /register password). You will also need to be added to the allow list before you can join.
Dynmap marker (admins only)
WorldEdit (admins only) – Please restrict worldedit to < 10K blocks at a time

/co i Sets tree/wood block to info tool
/co rollback {options} Rolls back blocks defined by the options specified
/co restore {options} Restore all blocks defined by the options specified (use same options as rollback to undo a rollback)
Option U:{playername} Specify the playername to rollback/restore Example: U:Notch
Option T:{time} Specify the time to rollback/restore Example: T:2w,5d,7h,2m,10s
Option B:{block#} Specify block #'s rollback/restore only specific block types Example: B:57 (diamondblock)
Option E:{block#} Specify block #'s to ignore specific block types during rollback/restore Example: E:57 (diamondblock)
Option R:{radius} Specify the radius of blocks around you during rollback/restore Example: R:5
/co rollback u:Notch t:1h Rollback Notch 1 hour
/co rollback u:Notch t:23h17m Rollback Notch 23 hours and 17 minutes
/co rollback u:Notch t:1h b:1 Rollback ONLY stone placed/removed by Notch within 1 hour
/co rollback u:Notch t:1h e:1 Rollback everything Notch did in the last hour except for stone
/co rollback u:Notch t:1h r:10 Rollback griefing Notch did in the last hour within 10 blocks of you
/co rollback t:15m r:30 Rollback everything done in the last 15 minutes done by anyone within 30 blocks

Restoring using Snapshots (alternative to Coreprotect)
Select a region using wand, then run /restore (automatically restores using latest backup)
To view older snapshots: /snap list
To select an older snapshotbefore /restore: /snap use (snapshotname)
To go back to latest snapshot: /snap use latest
To restore using a specific snapshot (instead of /snap use): /restore (snapshotname)
Remember, restoring this way will not stop a griefer from attacking again.

Griefer group procedure
  1. Close the main spawn gate
  2. Type /denywarp  (/allowwarp after threat is gone)
  3. Type /maxplayers #(allow number so not many can get on then set back to 30 later)
  4. Open the main spawn gate after thread is gone
  5. Type /lag clear to clean up spammed items/mobs) (or /lag clear spider to clear just spiders etc)

Upload your schematics here

Jaggy:2 Upload your schematics here

Schematics > 15K will lag the server and kick players off.
Please do not paste schematics this large unless no one is on.

Thanks so much for all the Guards and Admins that help out!